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Giving you the tools to be a better trader.

I credit my success to my own mentors. The ability to discuss, one-on-one, how to trade, what trades to make, and what to watch out for, is invaluable. Between the chat, and e-mail, you have got me there.


In addition to my book, Live on the Margin, I have written dozens of blog posts, and there are dozens more written by contributors. Everything you need to get you started.

Daily Chat

I started my trading career in the trading pits, surrounded by other traders. Those days are gone, replaced by computers. Fortunately, the ability to be immersed in the chatter of other traders is not gone, and we create it daily in our Slack chat.

Pat Schulte

I've been a self-employed trader since 1998, first as a commodities trader in Minneapolis, and then in the pits of the Chicago Board of Trade. In 2003 I walked away from the pits and left to travel the world. I've traded on and off since then, moving from commodities to stocks during that time. These days I trade options on stocks exclusively.
Pat Schulte
Pat Schulte
Trader/Mentor/World Traveler


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